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agjgd is a collection of projects started by Andrew G. Johnson for PHP’s GD library.

All agjgd projects:


With Composer

This project offers support for the Composer dependency manager. You can find the agjgd package online on

Install using Composer

Either run this command:

composer require agjgd/agjgd

or add this to the require section of your composer.json file:

"agjgd/agjgd": "1.*"

Without Composer

To use without Composer you will need to set up each project individually.

Help Requests

Please post any questions on if you need help.

If you discover a bug please enter an issue on GitHub.


Full list of contributors across all projects:

Our issue template & pull request template come via the stevemao/github-issue-templates project. The mountains photo comes via Gabriel Garcia Marengo.


You can find all notable changes in the changelog.